At Qoorious™, we recognise the importance of branding, especially for B2B and B2C SME owners who are looking to expand their businesses locally and internationally. Although brand consulting firms and market research companies are aplenty, there are none which cater to the particular needs of SMEs. This is exactly how we are differentiated from our competition.

While we are avid advocators of branding for SMEs, Qoorious™ strongly believes that unlike large multi-national corporations (MNCs), there is absolutely no need for SMEs to embark on full-scale branding or market research projects that cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Through years of working closely with SMEs across a myriad of industries on brand consulting and market research projects, our experienced team of consultants and researchers has witnessed multiple cases where SMEs did not eventually adopt any of the proposed strategies after undergoing massive re-branding exercises. In most cases, the proposed strategies were formulated without taking into account the SMEs’ budget and brand health, and hence could not be executed effectively.

Instead, Qoorious™ believes that it is sufficient for SMEs to invest in methodological branding-research that has been carefully tailored to befit their scale of business. Through the application of our robust VIMs™ Model, we seek to assist our clients in determining their brand position and diagnose their brand health before formulating suitable strategies to enhance their brands for future growth.

If you are curious to learn more about our expertise and past work, please feel free to contact us.