PROPRIETY VIMS™ MODEL  [Validate-Individualise-Maximise]

The word “VIM” is defined as “a lively and energetic spirit that brims with robust vitality and enthusiasm”.

Qoorious™ seeks to enliven and revitalise our clients’ brands through the application of our propriety VIMS™ Model by working closely with our clients to determine their current brand position in the market, identify possible differentiation strategies, and to instill a clear sense of direction for their future growth.

Our VIMS™ Model is a structured, modular approach to design fully customised research frameworks, gather and analyse meaningful data, and develop relevant strategic recommendations for our clients. Our modular approach gives our clients the flexibility and freedom to engage us only for the services which they require and takes into account the subtle nuances of each of our clients’ industries and scale of business. By customising the relevant modules and doing away with unnecessary ones, Qoorious™ seek to provide our clients with accurate and reliable branding-research services at an affordable price that is well-kept within budget.


Brief description of each module:

1. Perception Audit

  • Brand health diagnosis via desktop research and primary research
  • Identification of brand perception gaps between management, internal and external stakeholders
  • Identification of the brand’s strengths, weaknesses and key problem areas

2. Differentiation Strategy

  • Study of the competitive landscape
  • Identification of blue ocean strategy
  • Creation of differentiation strategy, brand position, brand promise, brand values, brand concept, brand architecture
  • Encapsulation of brand strategy

3. Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Identification of stakeholder groups and effective brand delivery methods
  • Creation of brand communication materials
  • Education of internal stakeholders via brand culturalisation
  • Development of marketing roadmap

4. Naming Strategy

  • Research on naming parameters
  • Brainstorm for name generation
  • Conduct relevant name testing
  • Application of trademark for the new brand name


To learn more about our methodology and how Qoorious™ can help you to better understand your brand position and enhance that brand position in the marketplace, please contact our Branding-Research team.