Qoorious™  (pronounced  as  “Cu·ri·ous”)  is  a  niche  branding-research  company  that  specialises  in  serving  Small  and  Medium-sized  enterprises  (SMEs)  in  both  the  B2B  and  B2C  sectors.

The company was established as we understand that while SMEs in Singapore are keen to expand their businesses, many SME owners do not fully understand the importance of branding and having a good understanding of their brand health. Without a clear idea of where their brand currently stands in the minds of their stakeholders, many SME owners are uncertain about how to differentiate themselves from their keen competition, and the direction to take in order to bring their businesses to the next level. Very often, the wrong business decisions come with a huge price tag – something that SMEs owners cannot afford.

At Qoorious™, we are fervent believers that business strategies and decisions must be supported by proper in-depth research. Our comprehensive understanding of branding concepts and research methodologies has led to the creation of our tried-and-tested proprietary VIMS™ Model – a structured approach to design purely customised research frameworks, gather and analyse meaningful data, and develop relevant strategic recommendations for our clients.

Our team’s experience in working with SMEs across various industries in the fields of Brand Consulting and Market Research experience has enabled us to develop strong business acumen in understanding the intricacies surrounding branding-research needs of SME owners. This effectively sets us apart from our competition as there are no full-scale brand consulting firms or market research companies which cater to the specific needs of SMEs.



We strive to transform all Singapore SMEs into successful brands because we believe that no company is too small for a chance to be branded well.



We help businesses harness the power of their brand and expand their business potential through the application of our VIMs Model.


Let our Qoorious™ team of consultants and researchers help you to affirm your branding decisions and business expansion plans through a thorough understanding your business’ brand health today.

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